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Speech by leaders


hello everyone:

Years months are like songs, spring autumn are fruitful. We have gone through several years of rapid change continuous development. Our factory is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design manufacture of light truck pumps. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the market-oriented, innovation as the starting point, to provide customers with first-class products, using forward-looking, integrated, high-speed, effective market operation means to provide customers with high-quality services. Under the cordial care of governments at all levels under the guidance of industry experts, professors scholars, the company has obtained the support trust of tens of thousands of customers, has made great progress. The products produced by our factory sell well all over the country. The parts of agricultural vehicles manufactured by our factory are based on the national automobile industry manufacturing standards, the qualified rate reaches more than 98%. In recent years, the company has trained a number of cadres staff with excellent skills strong sense of responsibility.

Learning, enterprising innovation are the essence of our corporate culture. It is in this spirit that we never stop, keep pace with the pace of market development, constantly adjust optimize the business structure, always maintain the leading position in the market. The coming year of 2009 provides us with a new stage of development broad prospects for development. After years of development, we have accumulated rich sales channels sales experience. In the new year, we will make full use of our sales platform advantages establish strategic partnership with more dealers. In particular, we will be closely integrated with product research development, fully promote the sales of Xiongyue town light vehicle pump products, achieve the perfect combination of sales advantages R & D advantages. We always pay attention to the market development trend market hot spots, while maintaining the advantages of traditional business, we constantly explore new business areas. Based on the traditional advantageous business, vigorously promote the development of new business, make it quickly become the main business profit growth point of the company. Our partners will also receive more abundant resources. Through internal integration, Xiongyue Liming machinery factory in Yingkou Economic Technological Development Zone has further optimized its internal organizational structure management. The division of departments is clear the business management is in order. The operation efficiency is improved the operation cost is reduced. The leading group of the company is a leading group full of vitality enterprising spirit, which will drive all employees to struggle with a strong core cohesion bring the company's development into a new stage.

Looking forward to the future, opportunities challenges coexist. Yingkou Economic Technological Development Zone Xiongyue Liming machinery factory will work closely with its partners make progress hand in hand. We will meet the challenges, seize the opportunities, make continuous progress towards the goal of becoming a first-class automobile parts manufacturing enterprise in China.

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Business phone: 0417-2292499 2297699

Company Fax: 0417-7843494

Company Address: Liming Street, Xiongyue Town, Yingkou Economic Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province