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Types of crane brakes

2019-11-21 12:18:20

The installation operation conditions are different. The brakes are divided into three types: normally closed, normally open, integrated. Most cranes use normally closed brakes. The normally closed brake is closed when the mechanism is working. If you want the mechanism to work, you only need to separate the friction pairs of the brake by releasing the brake, the mechanism can operate. The brakes used on cranes are classified according to their shapes, including block brakes, band brakes, disc brakes cone brakes.

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Use of crane brake device

The braking device is an important part to ensure the safe normal operation of the crane. In the lifting operation, the brake device is used to prevent the suspended object the boom falling, to prevent the turntable crane sliding under the action of wind ramp component force; to reduce the speed of the running mechanism, finally stop the movement; also It can hold heavy objects to run according to work needs; under special circumstances, adjust the movement speed by controlling the balance of power gravity.

Braking devices are divided into two types: brakes stoppers. The stopper can only make the shaft freely rotate in one direction, cannot absorb kinetic energy, can only support the article to stand still. In general, the working mechanism of the crane should be equipped with brakes. Only under the following conditions can the brakes be installed:

1. The mechanism is driven by an oil cylinder that moves linearly, the locking oil circuit can reliably stop the mechanism on the ground.

2. The manual operation mechanism of the bridge crane is affected by wind force ramp component force.


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