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According to the structure of the hydraulic cylinder, which types can it be divided into?

2019-11-21 12:18:20

According to the structure of commonly used hydraulic cylinders, it can be divided into four types:


The single piston rod hydraulic cylinder has a piston rod at only one end. It is a single-piston hydraulic cylinder. The inlet outlet ports A B at both ends can pass pressure oil return oil to achieve two-way movement, so it is called a double-acting cylinder.

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Plunger type   

(1) The plunger hydraulic cylinder is a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, which can only achieve one direction of movement by hydraulic pressure, the return stroke of the plunger depends on other external forces the weight of the plunger;

(2) The plunger is only supported by the cylinder liner without contacting the cylinder liner, so that the cylinder liner is very easy to process, so it is suitable for long-stroke hydraulic cylinders;

(3) The plunger is always under pressure during operation, so it must have sufficient rigidity;

(4) The weight of the plunger is often large, it is easy to sag due to its own weight when placed horizontally, causing unilateral wear of the seal guide, so its vertical use is more advantageous.


Telescopic hydraulic cylinders have two multi-stage pistons. In the telescopic hydraulic cylinder, the order of extension of the pistons is large to small, while the order of no-load retraction is generally small to large. The telescopic cylinder can achieve a longer stroke, while the length when retracted is shorter, the structure is more compact. This type of hydraulic cylinder is often used in construction machinery agricultural machinery.


Swing hydraulic cylinder is an executive element that outputs torque realizes reciprocating motion, also called swing hydraulic motor. There are two forms of single blade double blade. The stator block is fixed on the cylinder, the blade the rotor are connected together. According to the direction of oil intake, the blades will drive the rotor to reciprocate.


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