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Common faults troubleshooting of hydraulic system

2019-11-21 12:19:38

1. Maintenance of hydraulic components:

When working with the machine tool, clean the filter once every three months, check the oil level of the oil tank, clean the oil tank once every six months; check the wear of the hydraulic superimposed valve group the sealing rings between the connecting parts during the overhaul of the machine tool, replace them in time .

2. Common faults troubleshooting methods of machine tool hydraulic system:

(1) The oil pump does supply oil the oil delivery volume is significantly reduced:

Reason: the oil pump motor reverses; the oil in the oil tank is insufficient; the oil suction pipe is blocked; the oil pump is damaged.

Remedy: change the wiring of the oil pump motor, check the oil level, remove dirt, repair the oil pump.


(2) Insufficient system pressure:

Cause: There is a large leak at the hydraulic cylinder pipeline joint; the valve core is stuck; the oil pump oil distribution plate is damaged; the oil pump sealing ring is damaged; the pressure reducing valve orifice is blocked.

Remedy: Check the oil pump pressure reducing valve, tighten the pipe joints.

(3) The system is noisy:

Reason: oil pump blades are stuck flexible; oil pump sucks in air; oil suction pipe filter are blocked; valve vibration

Elimination method: remove air, clean oil suction pipe filter, check oil pump valve.


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Company Fax: 0417-7843494

Company Address: Liming Street, Xiongyue Town, Yingkou Economic Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province