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Installation method of vacuum oil filter

2020-08-14 17:07:49

Vacuum oil filter is a filtering device that uses gravity, centrifugation, pressure, vacuum distillation, mass transfer other technical methods to remove mechanical impurities, oxidation by-products moisture in the oil. The equipment is mainly used to improve the cleanliness of machinery electrical oil, so that it can play the best performance extend the service life of the equipment. The editor below will answer you the installation method of the vacuum oil filter:

1) Place the vacuum oil filter on a relatively flat ground in the car box, carefully check whether the whole machine is loose, pay special attention to the connection between the motor the oil pump must be tight concentric.

2) Connect the power supply in the correct order start the oil pump to observe whether its rotation direction is correct. If the rotation direction is correct, change the phase sequence of the power supply.

3) Connect the inlet outlet oil pipes tighten them, otherwise as the pressure increases, the oil outlet pipe will be washed away, adding unnecessary trouble.

4) After fixing the oil inlet pipe, you can start the motor button, the oil pump starts to work normally, the oil filtered through the third stage is the purified oil.

5) When one barrel (tank) of oil is pumped out another barrel (tank) needs to be pumped, the action must be rapid to avoid long-time idling of the oil pump. If it is too late, stop it restart it after the oil inlet pipe is connected.



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Company Address: Liming Street, Xiongyue Town, Yingkou Economic Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province