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Hydraulic principle

2019-11-21 12:19:38

The hydraulic principle relies on the static pressure of the liquid medium in a certain mechanical electronic system to complete the backlog, transfer, amplification of energy, so as to realize the lightweight scientific mechanical function. Using hydraulic principles, you can build a hydraulic transmission system, you can also build a hydraulic control system.

Component classification

1. A hydraulic pump that converts mechanical energy into liquid (mainly oil) energy (mainly pressure energy)

2. Hydraulic control valve for regulating controlling pressure energy

3. Hydraulic actuators (hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic swing motors) that convert pressure energy into mechanical energy

4. Hydraulic accessories necessary to transfer pressure energy adjust the liquid itself



The basic function of the hydraulic circuit lies in the easily controlled energy transfer in the form of hydraulic pressure energy.

the perspective of energy transmission: hydraulic technology is roughly in the middle of mechanical energy transmission electrical energy transmission.

the aspect of transmission characteristics: mechanical transmission hydraulic transmission can be said to have fixed characteristics. On the contrary, hydraulic transmission is the same as electric transmission has the characteristics of continuously variable transmission. In addition to constant power, it is easy to achieve constant Speed constant torque.

This characteristic of hydraulic technology can generally be summarized as follows:

(1) It is easy to carry out continuously variable speed, the speed range is wide, that is, the force torque can be easily adjusted in a wide range;

(2) Good control performance, that is, force, speed, position, etc. can be controlled correctly with a high response speed. In addition, it has good adaptability to other control methods such as electrical mechanical, especially when combined with electrical signal processing, excellent response characteristics can be obtained;

(3) Reliable action good operation performance;

(4) Appropriate flexibility in structure characteristics;

(5) Standard components can be used to form a loop that realizes arbitrarily complex functions.

The reason for these characteristics is to use positive displacement components as capacity converters, namely hydraulic pumps hydraulic actuators, use lubricating oil (hydraulic oil) as the working medium. The general disadvantages of hydraulic technology are also related to hydraulic oil. These shortcomings are summarized as follows:

(1) Oil leakage;

(2) special precision control is required, the contamination of the hydraulic oil will have an adverse effect on the characteristics of components devices. In other words, the management of hydraulic oil has a great impact on reliability component life.


The characteristics of hydraulic technology are suitable for the requirements of automation, high performance, large capacity, small size light weight of various machinery equipment. So although it is a relatively new technical branch, it is widely used in the transmission mechanism of the active force, the operating mechanism of the auxiliary machine, the operation automation control mechanism.


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